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Pioneers Restaurant and Pub


Polka Restaurant


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The Recollection Village


Imibala Gallery


Camdeboo National Park


Karoo Ballooning


Samara Private Game Reserve 


John Rupert Theatre Graaff-Reinet


Graaff-Reinet Museums


Valley of Desolation


Wellwood Fossil Museum




Pioneers Restaurant and Pub

Traditional Karoo food all the way!

Based in the historic Parsonage Street in the “Gem of the Karoo” – town of Graaff Reinet. Awarded TripAdvisor Awards for 2014, 2015, 2016 and now for 2017! Traditional karoo food all the way! Based in the historic Parsonage Street in the “Gem of the Karoo” – town of Graaff Reinet. Parsonage Street boasts the most national monuments than any other street in South Africa. A dream come true for a foodie with an interest in history. The restaurant itself is housed in a national monument that is part of the history of the town. Guests can choose to be seated in any one of the four dining rooms, on the stoep or outside in the garden. Patrons can appreciate the beauty of the landmarks while delving into Pioneers’ a la carte menu. There is good honest food on offer with a few adventurous dishes to satisfy a more demanding palate.


Polka Restaurant & Deli

One Often stumble upon wonderful surprises in small towns… Born out of the love of beautiful things, girly things, doylies, birdies, dots, tea cups, porcelain….Out of a hunger for tasty things, home made things, artisan bread, deli finds, jams, flowers, wine, tarts, cakes, home bakes, is Polka restaurant. We inspire, we love ,we do life in the Karoo. Food’s flavors do not simply come in a fast pan, long preparation is needed to bring life to the plate, and every drop of love can be tasted. Most people today are focused on eating healthy, so we here at Polka believe that when eating something sweet, it has to be absolutely memorable.


De Camdeboo Restaurant

De Camdeboo Restaurant overs a gourmet experience in a relaxed and comfortable setting and  with a Karoo influenced menu using the best available local ingredients coupled with a global influence. The restaurant is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Our Yard Roastery & Cultural Stop

You've not properly enjoyed coffee until you've visited Maria’s Roastery. Maria’s is a specialty coffee roastery based at Our Yard in the heart of Graaff-Reinet. Stroll in for a freshly brewed cup of joe while you chat up the barista, who will be only too happy to discuss the coffee offerings with you. As Maria’s roasts its coffee out of the premises in Somerset Street, the smell of fresh roasting will fill you with joy while you enjoy a cuppa in the courtyard at Our Yard. Maria’s goes to great lengths to bring the best coffee to local coffee lovers, and this shows not only in the delish coffees available at Our Yard but in their presentation too. Couple this with the Our Yard kitchen’s ability to dish up only the freshest seasonal fare, filled with flavour, and you’ve got yourself a winning combination. Our Yard is well-known as one of the most picturesque coffee shops in town, it is so picture-perfect in fact, that you’ll feel like you're walking into someone's Instagram.


Muller House

A family owned restaurant run by a Husband and Wife team - both Qualified chefs. The Muller House have partnered with the 'Slow Food Chef Alliance', to promise their patrons best quality local produce. They source as much as possible from local farmers and hand select produce from nearby producers. They offer a Tapa style menu, Pizza & an array of local liquor & wines as well as an A-la-carte menu that changes weekly according to fresh produce delivered & available. Muller House is also home to five local Artists and Photographers, all exhibiting their work on the buildings interior, and also available for purchase. Their serve style is personal and relaxed - "A true family friendly restaurant" says a local, "offering personal service is their forte".  With 2 fire places going throughout the winter and an outside deck and garden area & kids entertainment corner for the summer, as well as a wood fired pizza oven all year round, you are welcome to visit us in the heart of Graaff-Reinet, parallel to the world-renowned NG Kerk in Church Street.

Chef Stuart & Chef Labarre [laa-b-ray]  and team look forward to seeing you!


The Recollection Village

The Village is so much more than your run-of-the-mill coffee shop or restaurant. It was designed to resemble a small village, brim-full of unique vintage objects, antiques and curiosities. The Village features, among other, a dining room, an old-fashioned bicycle shop, a garage with a tow truck parked inside, a petrol station, a large showroom with cars from the 1940s and 1950s and the Ouma's Country Store. The dining room, aptly named Harley's Lounge, is based on the concept of a self-service restaurant. Here, you place your order at the counter, take the proof to the kitchen - a quirky polka-dot wagon in the yard - where you can then take a seat while waiting for your order. While this establishment is well worth the visit for just for the atmosphere and décor alone, the menu offers an exceptionally interesting variety of nachos, burgers, chips, hot dogs, chicken strips and even macaroni and cheese. For those with a sweet tooth, if the decadent milkshakes weren't already tempting enough, dessert can be sourced from the Ouma's Country Store.

The store stocks old-fashioned sweets and cookies, deli products, leather goods, enamel crockery, crocheted blankets and toys as well as a variety of delicious eats.

The Village also has a playground for the little ones, complete with a huge sandpit, jungle gym and roundabout. It is, however, the heart behind The Village that makes it such an interesting concept.

Things to do

The Dutch Reformed Church


When you visit Graaff-Reinet, it’s impossible not to notice the extravagant Dutch Reformed church that dominates the northern end of the main street. Given the town’s long history – it was established in 1786 – it’s no surprise that this isn’t the original church, but in fact the fourth. Built from grey sandstone quarried nearby, it opened for services in 1887. The Victorian pseudo-gothic style is reminiscent of Salisbury Cathedral in England, making it perhaps the grandest church in the whole of the Karoo.




There are more than 200 national monuments and memorials in Graaff-Reinet and it’s worth visiting at least some of them. Reinet House, which used to be the Dutch Reformed church parsonage, now houses collections of silver, kitchen equipment, medical equipment, clothes and dolls, among others. I found the dolls from the Laubscher doll factory in Graaff-Reinet between 1914 and 1927 fascinating to compare to what was being produced in Europe at the time. The Old Residency diagonally across the street from Reinet House houses the William Roe photo exhibition, a fascinating collection of late 19th century photographs. There are also collections of old cameras, gramophones, giant music boxes still in working order, and a roomful of historical guns. If you want a break from colonial history, visit the Old Library Museum in Church Street for some insight into the lives of slaves and the Khoi, as well as transformation history and displays about political activist and Pan African Congress founder, Robert Sobukwe, who was born and buried in Graaff-Reinet  


Camdeboo National Park


Camdeboo National Park was proclaimed as a National Park under the management of South African National Parks on 30 October 2005. Following an extensive process of negotiation and discussion between government, conservation groups, and concerned stakeholders, Marthinus van Schalkwyk, Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, announced the intention to proclaim the park in the area surrounding Graaff-Reinet. This was made possible by the World Widelife Fund in South Africa (WWF-SA), which donated the 14500 hectare Karoo Nature Reserve to be the centrepiece of the project. A public consultation process was followed to decide on the new name for the park, culminating in the choice of Camdeboo National Park.


The Karoo Nature Reserve was established in 1979 when the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and the World Wildlife Fund recognised the urgency for conservation measures in the Karoo biome and listed this action as a world conservation priority. The vision for the future is ultimately to link Camdeboo National Park with Mountain Zebra National Park, protecting a huge diversity of plant and animal species. This will assist in the conservation of the endangered Cape mountain zebra. The idea is to create a single mega-conservation area over 120km in length and including up to 520 000 hectares of land under conservation, to be accomplished in the main by public/private partnerships.

Early history of the park includes use of the area by early, middle and later stone age people. Evidence of occupation by these people can be found in the form of stone age industry sites on the south eastern plains of the park. Artefacts found in these sites include bored stones, percussion-made hand axes, scrapers, blades and grinding stones.

Khoisan hunters and herders left evidence of their occupation during the late stone age in the form of rock paintings in the eastern section of the park.


The Inqua tribe occupied the park area during the mid 1600's, grazing their vast herds of cattle and fat-tailed sheep on the apron veld from the Camdeboo River near Aberdeen, across the Sundays River to Agter-Bruintjieshoogte near Somerset East.

White farmers settled on the Camdeboo Plains and Sneeuberg in 1770, introducing merino sheep and angora goats, as well as exotic plants. Over the years overgrazing and the effects of exotic plants have resulted in soil erosion and an increase in woody species or unpalatable plants. Until the park was first proclaimed as a reserve in 1979, it was used as a town commonage with tenants grazing their livestock and contributing to overgrazing and erosion of some areas.


The Valley of Desolation


Don’t miss a visit to the Valley of Desolation, particularly attractive when the rocks turn warm shades of ginger and apricot in the dwindling sunlight of late afternoon. Take the tarred road from the entrance gate on the R63 just 5km from town. Since this is part of the Camdeboo National Park, you may see wildlife like kudu or Cape mountain zebra along the way. Your first stop is the toposcope, where you can walk up a koppie to get a view over the town and the dam. Then continue to the parking area a kilometre or two further on. Leave your car and walk to various viewpoints over the Valley of Desolation to see the result of volcanic activity and erosion over millions of years. Marvel at the steep cliffs and dolerite pillars climbing 120m from the valley floor, look out over the plains of the Camdeboo, or walk the short Crag Lizard Trail.


See the Nqweba Dam


Nqweba Dam, which used to be called the Van Ryneveld Dam, was built in 1924. It’s fed by the Sundays River and covers some 1000 hectares. To make the most of the dam and its environs, go birding (it’s a good place to find water birds, including flamingos), picnicking, fishing in the angling zone (you need a permit from the SANParks office) or canoeing and windsurfing from the spillway at the Graaff-Reinet Boat Club.


Visit Obesa Cactus Nursery


As the global climate continues to change, and water becoming a scarce resource, these zerophytic plants continues to become ever more popular both here and abroad. Mostly, the species we offer are water wise and easy to keep. They simply take care of themselves, provided the growing mediums are well drained and the quantity of light exposure is correct. As with most plants, some requires more sunlight and others less. They are thus maintenance free relying only on natural rainfall. Contrary to general consensus, they are highly adaptable to higher rainfall areas as well. Most of them are not frost sensitive.


Currently we stock around 5500 species, on the 7 hectare estate. Some of these rare and protected species are available to view, but kept as a collection, and thus not for sale. I would say that 80% of what we keep is for sale, and the rest for conservation and propagation purposes. The range includes caudiciforms & bulbs; miniature and adult cacti (both columnar and globular); Aloes and associates from Africa and Madagascar; various hardy trees (succulent and otherwise); various small and large succulents from all over the globe, such as Apocynaceae; Asclepiadaceae; Mesembryanthemaceae (Vygies); Yuccas; Dasylerions; Beaucarneas, Agaves and some Medicinal plants.


Eat Karoo Food


Karoo food is famous and rightly so, so treat your tastebuds at some Graaff-Reinet restaurants. Think Karoo lamb, heartwarming meat dishes and those queens of vegetables, the pumpkin and sweet potato – and, of course, malva pudding. We ordered bobotie and lamb shank at Pioneers in Parsonage Street, and browsed the fascinating old photos of Graaff-Reinet as we waited. Visit our other blog where we list the best restaurants in Graaff Reinet here.


Stay over in Graaff Reinet


Wilfred and Valerie welcome and invite you to their beautifully restored Karoo house set in a country garden of Graaff Reinet. Rietjiesbos B&B will surprise and delight you. Valerie's attention to detail as well as her Graaff-Reinet breakfast with eggs from a local farmer, local home-made jams and coffee from the local roastery will make you come back time and again to this accommodation venue in Graaff-Reinet.

The rooms lead onto the garden where you can relax or have a braai in the shade of two majestic trees. Rietjiesbos Bed & Breakfast is a 15 minute walk from the nearest restaurants. The art galleries, museums, beautiful churches and  national monuments in Graaff Reinet are also within walking distance. Your vehicles and trailers will be safe behind off-street parking.

Accommodation Graaff Reinet

Rietjiesbos Bed & Breakfast


Rietjiesbos Bed & Breakfast is one of the best guesthouses in Graaff Reinet and receive excellent reviews. Wilfred and Valerie welcome and invite you to their beautifully restored Karoo house set in a country garden of Graaff Reinet. Rietjiesbos Bed & Breakfast will surprise and delight you. Valerie's attention to detail as well as her Graaff-Reinet breakfast with eggs from a local farmer, local home-made jams and coffee from the local roastery will make you come back time and again to this accommodation venue in Graaff-Reinet. The rooms lead onto the garden where you can relax or have a braai in the shade of two majestic trees. Rietjiesbos Bed & Breakfast is a 15 minute walk from the nearest restaurants. The art galleries, museums, beautiful churches and  national monuments in Graaff Reinet are also within walking distance. Your vehicles and trailers will be safe behind off-street parking.


4 Rothman Street Bed & Breakfast

4 Rothman Street B&B in Graaff Reinet is in a quiet neighbourhood and has a large garden with a pool and secure free parking. There are 3 houses on the property, one being the owner's house, and the others a large house divided into separate units with their own entrances, and a cottage which has 2 units. Unit No 6 is located in the cottage. A full breakfast may be ordered at an additional cost and the breakfast would be served in the unit.


Karoopark Guesthouse

Karoopark Guest House is located at 81 Caledon Street, in the heart of historical Graaff-Reinet. It is an ideal location to soak up the relaxed ambience of the Karoo. Karoopark Guest House is situated within walking distance of shops, banks and historical places of interest. B&B or self-catering accommodation is available and Karoopark has an A’la Carte Restaurant & Bar, secure parking & a swimming pool. Accommodation at Karoopark Guest House is available in the Colonial-style manor house that was built at the end of the 19th century or in the tranquil garden setting. Self-catering cottages are available with private entrances. All our bedrooms are en-suite with baths or showers. Some rooms are situated in the garden and others overlook the swimming pool. At Karoopark Guest House you will be able to have a good rest in the quite ambience of your surroundings. Twin or double bedded rooms with air-conditioning are available upon request. Karoopark Guest House’s Conference venue can accommodate up to 30 delegates. The conference venue overlooks the swimming pool & expansive gardens at the back of the colonial manor house, the venue has air-conditioning & the equipment available includes a television, flip chart, screen and stationary. Every delegate will also receive bottled water, a notebook and pen on request.


De Kothuize

De Kothuize is a place to stay in Graaff Reinet. This is a large and luxuriously-appointed classic Karoo house, a national monument which offers three bedrooms and two bathrooms. One bedroom has a double bed and en-suite bathroom (with bath only).  The second bedroom has twin beds. The third (small) bedroom has two single beds and is more suitable for children. The second bathroom has a shower. The house also offers also a combined kitchen/breakfast room, separate sitting room and a large dining room. There are rare and interesting antique Cape Dutch features to the house, such as built-in wall cupboards with yellow-wood and stinkwood doors, as well as yellow-wood room doors, bamboo reed ceilings, antique light fittings, etc. There are also some classic antique furniture items and prints. There is a large walled garden with views of the mountains surrounding Graaff-Reinet, and a beamed, shaded patio with a table, chairs and braai facilities, under an ancient vine. There is secure off-street parking for 2 cars and a garage. Situated in Graaf-Reinet’s famous Cradock Street (often described as “a mile and 230 years of history", being full of historic houses), but within a short walking distance of Parsonage Street and other central areas, museums and restaurants, this house is an ideal and comfortable base for a visit to the town. 


River Bend Self Catering Cottages

River Bend self catering accommodation in Graaff Reinet is a historical building and national monument, which has been completely refurbished into four contemporary style non-smoking, self-catering units. Each Unit has a private entrance with secure off street parking and a secluded patio braai area. Stylish rooms have superb mountain views and include free Wi-Fi, TV, hairdryers and air conditioning. Charming heritage cottages offering private indoor and outdoor space with a tasteful mix of historical character and contemporary comfort. Riverbend self-catering is situated in a quiet residential area with an easy walk into town.


Heathers Self Catering

Heathers self catering accommodation in Graaff Reinet. Heather and Barry Vorster have only one problem with their accommodation, our guests enjoy the "home from home feeling" in each of our units that they feel so at home they don't want to leave.

It's a measure of the couple's warmth and hospitality that visitors are reluctant to leave. Whether you choose to stay in the Vorster's National Monument home or in one of the 1, 2 or 3 bedroom units, Heather and Barry will give you the personal attention they specialise in. They love meeting the interesting people who travel to Graaff-Reinet, and they love to make them feel at home. Choose either self-catering or bed and breakfast.

Enjoy a full scrumptious breakfast on the porch, next to the pool in the summer, or in Heather's warm cottage styled kitchen-dining area in the winter mornings.

Park Street House has three bedrooms (one double and two interleading bedrooms each with 2 single beds), dining room, sitting room with extra single bed, fully equipped kitchen and pantry with full bathroom.

Fig Tree Cottage has two bedrooms (one double and a second with 2 single beds), dining room, sitting room with extra single bed, fully equipped kitchen and full bathroom. The cottage can sleep 5. This is a pet-friendly unit.

Citrus Grove Flat has a bedroom cum living room with double bed and single bed, full bathroom and small equipped kitchen (no stove but a microwave). Can sleep 3.


Profcon Resort

Profcon Resort offers different types of accommodation in Graaff Reinet. Comfortable, family size, country class accommodation in the beautiful, culture rich town of Graaff-Reinet in fully equipped cottages.

Profcon Country Cottages in Graaff-Reinet is situated in the beautiful rural town of Graaff-Reinet in the Eastern Cape Province of the Republic of South Africa. We are situated close to all restaurants and places of interest in Graaff-Reinet that you may want to visit. All our self catering units are equiped with Tv's, air-conditioners and everything that you may need for a comfortable stay. You may even select our bed & breakfast option. Your hostess, Leanne will see to your every need as you relax in our luxurious, country style cottages.


Langfontein Guest Farm

Langfontein Guest Farm is a wonderful place to stay near Graaff Reinet. "It was not like I expected the Karoo to be,” says Marliza, “when Thinus said he was buying a farm in the Karoo all I could think of was endless dry, dusty, rocky plains. What a surprise! Langfontein is a bit of paradise, green and lush – truly a hidden part of the Karoo just 50 km away from Graaff-Reinet.” And what a surprise it was, driving through those dry, dusty, rocky plains and steadily entering a lush environment reminiscent of Mpumalanga. It was like entering a different era, where peace and tranquility rule. Turning off the sand road one travels down an avenue of oak trees, past the dam before arriving at the manor house. It is here that a warm welcome awaits the weary traveler – a cup of tea, coffee or something cold to refresh you before settling into your accommodation in the 1830's cottage at Langfontein, the farmhouse or Dot's Cottage at Westbrook. All units are well equipped for self-catering, braai packs are available and dishes such as Chicken Pie, Karoo Lamb Pie and Bobotie can be ordered from the farm kitchen,by prior arrangement.Our staff can also bake bread for our guests.

Peaceful, relaxing, stunning scenery...


Mount Camdeboo Private Game Reserve

Mount Camdeboo is privately owned, having been purchased by the late Logie Buchanan and his wife, Cathy in 1996. Their son, Iain and the Buchanan family have poured much love and dedication into developing this property over the years from agricultural farm land into a pristine game reserve in line with the vision to conserve the land and provide a natural habitat where wildlife, including endangered species, are able to roam freely. Now, a Big Five reserve, offering the discerning guest an authentic safari experience in arguably one of the most spectacular landscapes of Southern Africa.

• Camdeboo Manor (4 suites): A fine example of traditional Cape Dutch architecture with wide Oregon pine floorboards, thick walls, beautifully landscaped gardens and a swimming pool. Four luxuriously appointed en-suite bedrooms (2x double and 2x twin, one of which is smaller and ideal for children) offer guests a private experience in a classic setting. Rooms feature air-conditioning, under-floor heating, a mini bar with tea/coffee making facilities and French doors opening onto the garden (the children’s room does not have French doors or a mini bar). Bathrooms have double vanities, a shower, bath and WC. • Peppertree Cottage (1 Suite): Situated in a secluded part of Camdeboo Manor’s tailored gardens, Peppertree Cottage offers a romantic setting for honeymooners or couples seeking a private experience. The spacious cottage boasts a king-size bed, fireplace, kitchenette and a private garden. The bathroom features a double vanity, shower, bath and WC. • Courtyard (4 Suites): Courtyard is a gracious, double-gabled intimate homestead, encircled by a deep veranda that overlooks spacious gardens and a swimming pool. Comprising four tastefully appointed en-suite bedrooms (3x double and 1x twin), it lends itself to a more relaxed safari approach. It is ideal as an exclusive use villa for groups or family and friends traveling together. Rooms feature air-conditioning, under-floor heating, a mini bar with tea/ coffee making facilities and French doors opening on to the gardens. Bathrooms feature double vanities, a shower, bath and WC. • Hillside (3-bedroom sole-use villa): With an elevated position against the lower slope of Sneeuberg Mountain, Hillside offers a private setting with broad valley views. Available for exclusive-use only, it is an ideal family option offering relaxed and spacious living spaces, three double en-suite bedrooms, a swimming pool and a private safari vehicle with a ranger. • Safari Tents (2 x double tents): Two luxurious and privately located canvas tents are raised on wooden decks, overlooking the seasonal Melk River. Accessible by a wooden walkway, each tent sleeps two in a queen-size bed, with an indoor en-suite bathroom featuring a shower, basin and WC; an additional outdoor bathroom features an open-air shower and bath. Its spacious deck offers views over the Milk River Valley and up to the picturesque Sneeuberg Mountain Range. Children 12 years and older are welcome here.


Aan die Oewer Guest House

Aan die Oewer Guest House Graaff Reinet. Situated on the banks of the Sundays River in a quiet part of this historical town, Aan-die-Oewer offers both B&B (full English breakfast available) and self-catering options with all the essentials. The 3 x Family Units and 5 x Single Units all have private entrances, en-suite bathrooms, DSTV sports and movie channels, air-conditioning, braai facilities and secure parking.  The pool and lapa areas are ideal for a cold, refreshing drink on a hot summer’s day and can also be utilised as a unique conference facility for smaller groups of up to twenty people. Visitors at Aan-die-Oewer can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and game reserve or enjoy the comforting shade of the old oak tree overlooking a large play area for the kids. Graaff-Reinet and surrounds offer various leisure and sports activities, as well as a number of restaurants. Or at night it might be enough to just experience the peace and quiet of staring at the endless, star-studded Karoo sky.


Avondrust Guest House

In the heart of Graaff-Reinet lies Avondrust, an inviting and charming Guest House. The Guesthouse with its beautiful and lush garden, offers guests 2000m2 of gracious living.  

Our luxury air-conditioned rooms are individually decorated with their own themes and chandeliers. Each room features an en-suite bathroom. Most rooms can be made up as Twin Rooms, or as Double Rooms offering King-Size beds. All rooms have beautiful views of the lush and tranquil garden. Our rooms all have private entrances and boast space, privacy and comfort. Guests can relax in the garden or enjoy a dip in our large swimming pool overlooking the mountains. Avondrust guest house is within walking distance from all shops, museums and restaurants. The Camdeboo National Park is 7km away, and the Valley of Desolation is a short 10-minute drive away.

Secure off-street parking is available.

Room 3:

This luxury Family Unit looks straigt out onto the pool and mountains beyond and has two entrances. Indoors you will find a separate living area and kitchen. The room boasts a very spacious bedroom that can sleep up to 5 x guests. There is a separate dressing room and bathroom with double basins, a slipper bath, large walk-in shower, and separate toilet.

The Lavender Room (Room 4):

The Lavender Room used to be the old Stables in days gone by. These were built for the original 1911  Manor House, located to the front of the Guesthouse. The unit has been converted into a beautiful, spacious, and light bedroom. There is an en-suite bathroom, air-conditioning, and lovely views over the garden. The unit is very private and can also be used as a family unit. It has two bedrooms, sharing a bathroom.

The Vine Room:

The Vine Room is situated next to the Rose Room and is perfect for families or friends wanting to stay close to each other. The room has a beautiful garden view, air-conditioning, and an en-suite bathroom. 

The Rose Room:

A beautiful and feminine room, featuring a large and comfortable Day Bed for children or petite adults. The unit features beautiful garden views, air-conditioning, and an en-suite bathroom. Stroll out into the lush garden, feel the grass between your toes, or have a picnic on the lawn.


Victorian Square Guest House

Victorian Square Guesthouse is a charming late 19th Century Victorian home, which has now been lovingly converted into a modern guesthouse by owner Ulrich Steynberg and his team. This piece of history is located in the tree-lined Stockenstroom Street in Graaff-Reinet, the jewel of the Great Karoo, and within walking distance to the many restaurants, shops, and museums in town. Once the childhood home of Graaff-Reinet's darling actress, performer, and film producer, Professor Anna Neethling-Pöhl, Victorian Square Guesthouse also has its very own "Lions" guarding the entrance. These were modelled after the original lion statues guarding President Paul Kruger's home in Pretoria. The two statues were given to President Paul Kruger by the mining magnate Barney Barnato on the 10th of October 1896. It was seen as a status symbol back in the day to replicate these by private individuals of good-standing within their individual communities, albeit on a smaller scale as a sign of respect to President Kruger. The outside might reflect this grand old lady's Victorian past, but the interior is very much in keeping with the 21st Century. Here, the weary traveller is met with spacious and modern guest rooms, catering to all the necessary modern day creature comforts. There are seven spacious and luxurious en-suite rooms with airconditioning for the hot Karoo Summer months, and televisions with selected DSTV channels. Electric blankets will keep you warm during the chilly Karoo Winter nights. Guests can relax on the huge wrap-around veranda or braai in the spacious garden, whilst taking in the magnifiscent views of the surrounding mountains and Spandaukop.


Aa Qtansisi Guest House

Aa Qtansisi guest house in Graaff Reinet. This old Karoo home, circa 1856, has been created into a small boutique-type accommodation centrally situated in Graaff-Reinet, the jewel of the Karoo. Our guesthouse, named Aa'Qtansisi, is derived from the authentic original Khoisan language, meaning "We welcome You". Be prepared to be spoilt & delighted with personal attention & unique flavours of decor in each part of this accommodation so that Aa’Qtansisi, will become your first choice of accommodation, when passing through Graaff-Reinet.


Buitenverwagten Guest House

Buitenverwagten guest house in Graaff Reinet. Set in a formal Victorian garden nestled in the heart of historical Graaff Reinet, this Karoo Victorian-style home, in the shade of Jacaranda trees, was built in 1840 by a transport carrier and is now a national monument. Buiten Verwagten has a reputation of providing luxurious modern comfort. Peet and Cheré invite you to enjoy their heritage home where you will be welcomed and looked after by André and the team. Together with two luxurious rooms in the main house, there are two self-catering garden suites, with air-conditioning, for those who value their privacy and independence. Buiten Verwagten guest house in Graaff Reinet has a reputation for excellent unobtrusive service, which includes a buffet breakfast. For added pleasure, there is a lapa at the main pool area where you can relax, enjoying the beautiful garden that surrounds this gracious house. For your peace of mind off-street parking is available. Translated, Buiten Verwagten means “beyond expectation” and those guests who return time after time would agree. It is hard to imagine the cool, green oasis that awaits you when you arrive at Buiten Verwagten Guest House after a long journey through the hot, dry, rugged, beautiful Karoo. A warm welcome by owners Peet & Cheré and their staff, as well as the well-appointed, carefully decorated accommodation, will guarantee your stay is 'beyond expectation'. Unlike many traditional Graaff-Reinet residences, Buiten Verwagten is set back from the street which increases its imposing splendour. To add to its glory, the second oldest vineyard in town grows prolifically in this garden (the oldest is at Reinet House, the museum). Take time out to experience the serenity of the formal garden, relax next to one of the pools or work out in the well equipped gym.


Kransplaas Guest Farm

Kransplaas is situated in the heart of the Great Karoo, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. A mere 20 km from the historical town, Graaff-Reinet, the 4th oldest town in South Africa.

​Established in 2014, Kransplaas operates on 4620 hectares of which 2050 hectares are used for farming activities such as cattle and lucerne fields. 2570 Hectares are set aside for wildlife and conservation. ​Kransplaas is an ideal overnight stop for long distance travelers or a getaway to rest, relax, refresh and recharge your batteries. Immerse yourself in the peace and solitude that only the Karoo can offer. Enjoy good company around the campfire under a star studded sky and soak up the sounds of the beautiful moonlight night. We offer guided game drives, guided nature walks, paintball and clay target shooting.

Graaff Reinet Accommodation:

Nyala Lodge - Luxury Self Catering - Sleeps 8 (1group/party) - 

4 Rooms - 2x twin beds in each room

En-Suite bathroom (Toilet, basin, shower) in each room - Bathroom amenities

Air-conditioning - Heating and Cooling, Tea and coffee making facilities, VOIP telephone, Flat Screen TV and DSTV, Hairdryer, Outside Braai facility, Open plan kitchen, lounge, bar and dining area, Covered Parking, Free Wifi, Cleaning Services and Laundry Services

Pets not allowed - Non Smoking

Springbok Cottage - Comfortable Self Catering

Sleeps 4 (1group/party) - 1 Room - 4x twin beds 2X En-Suite bathrooms (Toilet, basin, shower)  Air-conditioning - Heating and Cooling, Bathroom amenities, Tea and coffee making facilities, VOIP telephone, Flat Screen TV and DSTV, Hairdryer, Outside Braai facility, Open plan kitchen, lounge and dining area, Covered Parking, Free Wifi, Cleaning Services and Laundry Services Pets not allowed - Non Smoking

Klipskuur Wedding/Function Venue:

Kransplaas Klipskuur Venue is the perfect combination of natural beauty and simplicity. It is situated in the heart of the Great Karoo, in the Eastern Cape. A mere 20km from the historical town, Graaff-Reinet.Our venue can accommodate a maximum of 96 guests. This stone walled venue has a cosy and intimate setting with rustic charm. This venue is the ideal blank canvass for any function.


Samara Private Game Reserve

Samara Private Game Reserve in Graaff Reinet. Karoo Lodge, a lovingly renovated farmhouse encircled by a natural amphitheatre of mountains. Combining colonial comforts and modern day luxuries with a rustic and welcoming feel, Karoo Lodge is the perfect place to relax and allow the tranquillity of the Karoo to envelop you – on the wide verandah in summer or by the cosy fire in winter. With nine double rooms of varying sizes, Karoo Lodge caters for individual travellers, couples and families. The luxurious Manor House, a striking yet understated villa, unique in its warm design reflecting local landscapes and traditions with a light, modern twist. Upon arrival your eye is drawn through the glass double doors flanked by beaded African artwork and traditional Karoo antiques to the breathtaking views beyond. The scenic mountain landscape unfolds over a 21m infinity pool descending to a waterhole. The Manor comprises 4 luxury suites, which can be booked independently or the entire villa can be taken over on an exclusive-use basis. This option is popular with families and groups looking for privacy, indulgence and complete relaxation. Food at Samara is served from the Karoo Kitchen, delivering lovingly-prepared fare rustled up by our local chefs. Expect mouthwatering meals using the freshest produce and recipes handed down from generation to generation, evoking that famous Karoo hospitality. Friendly yet unobtrusive service is a Samara hallmark, and the team will welcome you as part of the extended Samara family.

Activities include game drives, guided walks, wilderness picnics, cheetah tracking on foot, aardvark spotting (winter is best for daytime sightings), birding, hiking and a luxury star bed (open October to April). Samara is malaria-free and welcomes children of all ages with a dedicated children’s programme.


Beau & I B&B

Beau & I Graaff Reinet B&B.

As the name of our establishment depicts, this is a team effort by Beau & Imelda to give top class service to our guests and to ensure that they will remember their stay with us.

Our B & B is situated in the heart of Graaff-Reinet. We are within walking distance of shops, restaurants, museums and places of interest. A warm, relaxed ambience has been created with particular emphasis on comfort to make our guests feel at home. We offer comfortable accommodation, set in a tranquil garden with patio and barbeque area. Heaters and electric blankets ensure a cosy sleep during those cold winter nights. Two of the en-suite rooms have airconditioners.

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*Due to COVID 19 we regrettably will not be serving breakfast.